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Who We Are

Information Technology Atelier (Bilişim Atölyesi) has been founded on 1st April 2010 not to be an “April Fool” but to be a place that provides quality service in the field of Information Technologies. With the strength of previous experiences, we aim to produce projects and form the basis of a technology infrastructure that would be of use for our country.

With a cadre that have been able to follow technological developments occurring in vast speed since 1993 closely and in industrial base, succeeded in being a milestone through its services in public organizations, and signed billion-Dollar projects, we aim at providing continuity of work-quality under the Information Technology Atelier roof.


Our aim is; to provide integration of processes in public organizations through Project Consulting services in any kind of project amenable to Public Procurement Law, to communicate Project Management methodologies by providing process management, and to contribute to the production of holistic projects.

Mission & Vision

As long as we work under the name of Information Technology Atelier we address ourselves as ‘honest, intellectual, methodological and principled’. Knowing our responsibilities and the work we do, we are aware of the fact that we should ensure the continuity of our work.

Consulting Services

Consultation is an information service in a certain subject matter. Consultant is the term used for a person who has the required information and does this service properly. Consultants are not “Investors without capital” or “People with palavers” or “Gasbags” or “Brokers”. Unfortunately, perception in our country is as a result of the above terms. We want to make judgments without restraint and reflect the facts in this matter – because of our activity and specialty – especially in Information Technology.

Consulting may be seen as an instrument and a business of “investing without capital”. However, capital and previous experiences (knowhow) of Consultants working at a Consulting Agency are information that cannot be bought by paying some money. Thus, as we appreciate an art piece by an artist, diagnose of a doctor, opinion of a Consultant should be appreciated just in the same way.

Knowledge is an asset that cannot be obtained very easily. Some people develops herself/himself by attending courses and reading books to gain skills and experience, while some people gain added value by combining her/his field experiences with those gains. Gains and experiences show difference from person to person, but others also profit from these as long as they are shared. What we are trying to do is simply to create difference in this matter.

Add-in Technical Components

Although Information Technology Atelier continues to keep its trademark independence and product equity in every matter of its consultancy; it can provide technical support services in a special frame for some trademarks and productions which have become trademarks in their own field and directed technology and also has succeeded to be preferential as well. If you need further assistance regarding any hardware or software solutions, please contact us.


Our experienced Project Management Team continues its work combining technologies in various disciplines and skills, sources, services in many projects, provides workflow successfully, realizes process follow-up and risk analysis, and encourages professionalism and quality in its work. Following are the examples of our PM experiences realized within different organizations:

  • Havelsan A.S./Infodif A.S.
  • Netsite A.S.
  • PGLobal Ltd.
  • Innova A.S.
  • SERVUS Bilgisayar A.S. – Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Public Accounts Say200i Project
  • Sanset-Ikoor Ltd.Sti. – IT Infrastructure Analysis/Design and Upgrade Projects
  • Telkotek A.S. – Tur Telekom/Huawei TTDSL-5/IPDSLAM & ATM SWAP Projects
  • Ministry of Finance VEDOP/VEDOP-2 Project
  • Ministry of Finance BUMKO Project
  • Turk Telecom TTDSL-5/IPDSLAM Project
  • Vakifbank; System Integration, Tape Library and IPM Gateway Projects
  • Gendarmerie Beytepe Military Hospital PACS Project
  • Social Security Institution Server, Router and ADSL infrastructure Project
  • Ziraatbank Passbook Project
  • Turkish Republic Central Bank Disc Consolidation Project
  • EGM Digital Archive Project
  • Ankara Numune Hospital Disc Consolidation Project
  • Mediterranean University Hospital PACS Project
  • Meteorology General Directorate MARS Project Ministry of Agriculture World Bank-ARIP Project


Some of the Consultancy Services mentioned here are the service items that had been performed within TAI (TUSAS Aerospace Industry Inc.) during project periods.

VEDOP/VEDOP-2 Bidding Consultancy Services

VEDOP (Tax Offices Full Automation Project 1st. Phase) consultancy service consists of; preparation of Technical and Administrative Specifications for the diffusion of pilot Tax Offices Automation Application Software to 155 Tax Offices, evaluation of tenders after the realization of bidding, and supervision services of the firm which obtained the contract on behalf of the institution.

VEDOP-2 (Tax Offices Full Automation Project 2nd. Phase) consultancy service consists of; extension of Tax Offices Automation Application Software with all its functions, implemented at 155 Tax Offices, at 144 Tax Offices that have not automatized and/or are to be established, setting up Tax Enquiry Office informatics resolution, setting up Data Warehouse and Call Centre systems, automation of new units and including them in the Revenue net (GELNET), provision of resolutions to increase the capacities of Revenue Information Processing Centre (GELBIM) and Regional Information Processing Centers (BOLGEBIM) using GELNET infrastructure, transferring all these systems to the new Central Management Building (Gumusdere) under a plan by setting up Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) related to Tax Identification Number application and preparation of Technical and Administrative Specifications regarding Training for these systems, evaluation of tenders after the realization of bidding, and supervision services of the firm which obtained the contract on behalf of the institution.

E-Insurance/E-Proclamation Bidding Consultancy Services

E-Insurance project is a far-reaching automation project which provides access to the last version of any kind of information held at Insurance Directorates from across Turkey, and with this feature it contains necessary management information for public contracting authorities providing business to employers including not only Social Security Institution (SSI) but also Turkish Employment Institution General Directorate, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Social Security in particular. Within the project, hardware infrastructures of 85 Insurance Provinces and Insurance Directorate have been renovated and new programs compatible with developing legislation have been started to be operated. Within the scope of the project, consultancy service regarding the identification of technical requirements and preparation of Technical and Administrative Specifications have been realized.

E-proclamation application which allows carrying out bureaucratic operations related to social security institutions is an electronic portal application established to allow employers submit insurance premiums of their employees and make payments related to these premiums through internet banking. Consultancy and technical support have been provided regarding the provision of technical solution components that might be necessary to run the system uninterrupted and reliably.

TAKBIS (Feasibility) Bidding Consultancy Services

Within this project, we conducted the feasibility work of Land Registry and Cadastral Information System (TAKBIS) within TAI with which we planted the first informatics seeds of one of the successful projects of today. We do not mean to claim ownership of the work but knowing that we have a pinch of salt in the soup will show what we can achieve.

NATO-ANT Information System Bidding Consultancy Services

It is a consultancy service regarding the work of setting up, testing, piloting and dissemination of whole information system (hardware, communication and software) for Ministry of National Defense ANT Presidency and subordinate units so that it would allow access from provincial units to all required information and provide monitoring and control from centers.

TTDSL-5 / IPDSLAM Project Management Services

TTDSL-5 is a turnkey project, which includes the latest technology and in the purchase of DSLAM equipment with 2 million xDSL port capacity, SSG, Management and Server Systems and their assembly services, provision of maintenance support, training service, provision of operating support and their management.

Goods to be purchased were ordered in phases and totally 8 phases – excluding the first test phase – were performed. During the project, about 20 permanent staff in each phase, and 60+ staff for the production and workshop work in some phases were assigned. Within the project, social means of the workers, transportation, food and accommodation of the personnel coming from outside of Ankara have been provided. Field configuration works of more than 100 personnel attached to many firms working as subcontractors were monitored and conducted. With these, the project is an exemplary work for many large-scale projects.

Project Management Consultancy

A consultancy service had been given toTelkotek A.Ş. on behalf of Huawei Inc., in TTAES DSLAM, DSL, MSAN and other Turkish Telekom Projects. Main responsibility was to establish a Project Management Department at Telkotek, an operation center based warehouse in Ankara and determination of future projects.

System Analysis & Microsoft Virtualization Project

An Engineering service and technical consultancy for SANSET-IKOOR Ltd.

Project Management Support

A Project Management Consultancy service given to SERVUS A.S. for the Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Accounting’s Projects.


Project and Customer Relation Management services were given to CARDTEK Group (SmartSoft) for the Ministry of Finance’s Odeme Kaydedici Cihazlar (OKC) Arkaofis Yazilim Projesi – NEW GENERATION CASH REGISTER FISCAL APPLICATON SOFTWARE PROJECT.

Business Development

Business Development for specific turnkey projects on behalf of Innova A.S.


It is planned to install The Region of Data Centers of Konya defined in a manner to serve Data Centers. It is targeted to research spatial compatibility of the province of Konya for building the Region of Data Centers, to determine the most suitable fields for the mentioned investment within the province, to specify operating models and working plans by exposing the concept plan. Selection of the location in accordance with the observations to be made by the consultant during the project, the national-international standards and the criteria and the activities of performing a detailed feasibility study had been executed in this Project.


The Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) Project aims to transport Azeri Gas from the Shah Deniz gas field and other fields of Azerbaijan and possibly from other neighbouring countries to Turkey and to Europe at Greece/Turkey border through the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (¨downstream¨). In addition to TANAP, the Southern Gas Corridor comprises the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCPX) extending from Caspian Sea to Georgia/Turkey border and the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) extending from Greece/Turkey border to Italy. 

ABB Limited had been awarded the Contract for the SCADA/Telecoms Project for the TANAP in Turkey. In 2016, NETSITE Iletisim ve Elektronik Ltd.Sti. has been awarded as the Sub-Contractor for the supply of CISCO Network – Telephony Infrastructure – Checkpoint Firewall Fax & GSM Solutions for the TANAP project IT backbone.

Our contract with Netsite Ltd covers managing the project team and executing this big project till the end of it.

KGYS - National Camera Security Management System - Business and Customer Relations Consulting Services - by EGM/SSM/HAVELSAN/INFODIF

Our services cover sales organization and customer relations management by means of products and services produced by INFODİF A.Ş. for HAVELSAN A.Ş. projects within the scope of the “Public Safety Management System and License Plate Recognition System (KGYS) project”, ”Central Integrated Imaging Recording and Video Management System (VMS), Fault Detection & Logging and Configuration Project” by General Directorate of Security. Related project consultancy services were also carried out by BİLİŞİM ATÖLYESİ Ltd.Şti.

ANMS (Airport Noise Measurement, Control and Monitoring System)

Renewal of the software and hardware (IoT) components of the “Airport Noise Measurement, Control and Monitoring System” used at Ankara Esenboğa, Antalya and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airports. This is an end-to-end turnkey Hardware/Software project that collects actual noise data from Airport IoT devices and renders all real noise sounds with data graphical presentation through a Portal at General Directorate of State Airports Authority.


We would like to thank the following: Tasarımhane ve and Mr.Hakan Erkmen for their support on logo design of Information Technology Atelier, our web designer Mira Web Solutions, for their support in the establishment of our firm, our family, our lawyer Ms.Neslihan Kazanci, our financial advisor Mr.Sahin Savci and our colleagues whom we worked together in all the projects that we can give reference. Thank you for giving us the chance to do what we enjoy.

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